Efficient management

UVAX has developed a smart network platform that makes it possible to supervise and automate the electricity grid at transformers, using both medium-voltage and low-voltage grids, aiding the integration of distributed energy, comprehensive management of the electricity grid and consumer service.


Current goals and challenges require a major evolution of electricity grids, not just through new technologies but also through new forms of relationships with customers, which involve the development of more efficient infrastructure, reliable and flexible operation, and greater quality and lower-cost electricity supply.

Electricity companies can now be more proactive in taking decisions, adjusting their strategies, solving problems and capitalising on Smart Grid technologies undergoing large-scale rollout. There is therefore a movement towards analysis software that will make it possible for electricity companies to manage, visualise and predict. This is now known as the Soft Grid.

IT and Big Data provide electricity companies with the tools they need to modernise their networks, turning them into Smart Grids. UVAX offers end-to-end solutions to optimise the network. Key goals include being “demand-responsive”.  

Operators thus know the status of their infrastructure at all times, which makes more effective management possible with more optimised resources. Both investment and maintenance costs are cut and greater reliability of the entire electricity supply is ensured.


  • Error prediction and preventive maintenance planning
  • Asset protection and information
  • Locating cuts and faults with automatic recovery
  • Intelligent demand management
  • Help with planning and rollout
  • Work team management
  • IT system for users