The city grows with you

UVAX has developed a CMS (Central Management Software) that can be accessed through the cloud or installed on customers’ proprietary servers, enabling energy service companies and council technicians to intelligently manage the infrastructure in real-time from any location.



Configuring the entire system, grouping Nodes and characterising them individually.

  • Active/inactive hours in accordance with a configured timetable
  • Continuous control in real time
  • Real-time programming for ad hoc events such as local festivals.
  • Using sensors to adapt to real conditions in the street, such as weather.

Real-time alert management and alert history.

  • SMS and e-mail alerts.

Adapting current and future functions to the system to transform street lighting into Smart City infrastructure.

  • CCTV.
  • Information panels
  • WiFi network control sensors
  • Electric vehicle charging and payment

Unlimited licences and different user permission levels.


  • Measuring power and energy consumption every 15 minutes. Graphical reports and option of exporting data in XML (and many other formats).
  • Street furniture inventory.
  • GIS geolocation with maps.
  • Alerts (fault detection, electrical control panel open, inadequate consumption, etc.)