UVAX has been developing solutions as the IoT has been evolving since 2006. It has products that make it possible to integrate the concept of Smart Cities, the Smart Grid, water and energy in a single management and control ecosystem.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new technological revolution that is changing our lives and the way in which we, as humans, relate with our environment.

However, the growing and unstoppable implementation of new applications and devices for the IoT, such as M2M, sensorisation, Wi-Fi, video, automation, etc. requires advanced technological solutions, which also provide robustness, security and connectivity for Smart Cities, therefore forming open, interoperable platforms.

UVAX is putting its know-how in the development of technological solutions that meet cities’, users’ and service companies’ growing needs at the service of Smart Cities. It provides the security, interconnection, capacity and robustness required to develop new business models.

UVAX offers the most advanced broadband connectivity and communication solutions, integrating different BPL and wireless technologies to create products and services adapted to every need. These make it possible to make the best use of natural, financial and human resources, providing efficiency and quality in such diverse areas as agriculture, industry, health and transport.

In the field of Smart Grids, UVAX provides complete control and monitoring solutions for distribution infrastructure and the last mile of the electricity industry, solutions to optimise industrial processes, as well as others for automation, energy-saving and security in the energy industry.

UVAX’s IoT solutions mainly cover two business areas:

  • Information and analysis
  • Automation and control


UVAX develops smart management platforms focusing on:

  • Distributed sensorisation systems
  • Advanced traffic management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote meter reading
  • Transport
  • Health


UVAX provides turnkey solutions in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive management of Smart Cities
  • Smart lighting
  • Industrial and domestic consumption management
  • Smart water cycle management