Energy awareness

UVAX presents various solutions enabling homes, businesses and industrial facilities to optimise the capture and storage of their energy and/or monitor the consumption of their electrical devices.


We are facing a change in the energy industry in which users are increasingly involved in management and control of their electricity consumption. In the face of this challenge, UVAX offers two solutions, Émula System and CEM, to contribute to energy efficiency in homes and industries.

Customer Energy Management (CEM)

Since buildings are the largest source of CO2 emissions, control systems are expected to play a key role in reducing their energy consumption.

This is achieved through a system that shows not only the total energy consumption but also constantly reports on real-time use by each electrical device.

UVAX designs and manufactures complete solutions that make it possible to easily manage and monitor energy consumption from any mobile device or computer.

UVAX’s solution ranges from fitting smart meters to reading data in real-time through devices in homes and industrial facilities that measure the electrical footprint of their devices. Our products are intended for both distribution companies and consumers to make more efficient use of energy.

Para los consumidores, esta solución ofrece mayor calidad del servicio, un uso de energía más conveniente y ahorros en facturas eléctricas.

For distribution companies it offers more efficient energy planning and forecasting so as to provide consumers with a better service.

This results in a significant reduction of the environmental impact of the entire electricity supply system and optimises electricity consumption.


Nowadays there are still many isolated places where conventional access to the grid is impossible or very expensive.

UVAX offers an effective solution to supply electricity in places that are isolated from the grid through hybrid systems.

These are designed to meet any energy need where it is needed (homes or farms, etc.). HYBRID systems provide real solutions in contrast to traditional and other non-viable sources, such as:

  • Non-existent conventional grids, which are not feasible or very far away (= very high investment)
  • Continually-operating generators that are very expensive to maintain, noisy and have a short useful life.
  • Alternative systems of solar panels or wind generators, which are very high-cost, unable to respond to demand and can only store energy for short periods of time.

The process of intelligent capture and storage of energy obtained from alternative and conventional sources brings about a surprising result:

  • The cheapest Kwh consumed in the market and the fastest return on investment.

Any amount of energy and power can be requested at any time. The user simply consumes it. The ÉMULA hybrid system does the rest.