Energy awareness

UVAX offers an effective solution to supply electricity in places that are isolated from the grid through hybrid systems.


What is a HYBRID?

It is an electricity generator made up of:

  • At least two energy sources, an alternative source made up of a few solar panels, and a conventional source, consisting of a diesel or gas generator.
  • A chemical storage battery to store all the energy produced by the alternative source (panels) and the energy collected from non-alternative sources, in a quick process with the least possible financial and environmental impact.
  • A specific microprocessor controls all of the energy capture processes through charging systems and correct storage, as well as systems to release energy for consumption through a static inverter.

HYBRID systems are made up of fully guaranteed and reliable parts. Each part of the energy generation (solar panels, generator) as well as energy control and conversion (regulators, maximisers, inverters and chargers) and storage systems (accumulator cells) have been tried and tested for years in hundreds of facilities.

What kind of energy is supplied for consumption?

  • Exactly the same performance as the conventional grid.
  • 220 V, 50 Hz, single-phase, three-phase, any power
  • Very low maintenance
  • Price per Kwh unmatched by the competition


Once the system has been assembled, the microprocessor continually supervises all of the processes taking energy from the right sources and runs and stops the generator based on the amount of energy in the storage battery.


  • Homes: from a simple mountain refuge to the most sophisticated of permanent homes with all possible electrical appliances (freezer, washing machine, electric cooker, microwave, dishwasher, heating, hot water, air-conditioning, tap water and sprinklers, pool cleaners, etc.)
  • Farms: lighting, extraction, heat, water pumping, machinery, computers, refrigeration, etc.
  • Radio, TV and communication relays
  • Rescue services

Grids with power deficits

ÉMULA could use a low-power electricity grid with a power deficit as a non-alternative power source, which reasonable use can be made of throughout the year. This limited power system, which is not isolated from the grid (when the legal requirements and procedures have been followed), could be used by ÉMULA to provide consumption at the desired power at a price per Kwh consumed based on the grid’s energy supply costs and the short length of time it is used by the ÉMULA system.

Even if the conventional grid does not reach your home or business, ÉMULA will be your personal electricity generator.