Tailored design

and engineering

We combine our know-how in advanced design and engineering solutions with tailored electronics manufacturing and logistics services. UVAX’s 20 years of experience and customers all around the globe are a guarantee of quality and innovation.

Our main value is experience in industrialising products. We provide the very latest in design, engineering and EMS services to lead and grow companies in a wide variety of markets. UVAX’s customers need tailored solutions adapted to their needs. Throughout the process (from design to production) we provide innovation, leadership and a results-oriented approach. That makes UVAX the best partner you can have. Uvax has a creative team that is passionate about providing ad hoc solutions for a wide range of industries. Our work teams’ experience and employment within the company provides our customers with unique solutions using the most up-to-date, innovative and tried-and-tested methods to make your business a pioneer in its industry. Flexibility, precision and effective development of complex designs is our main added value.

Our working assets are:

  • Precision, flexibility and efficiency in producing complex designs.
  • A high level of specialisation thanks to our electronic laboratory fitted out with the most modern infrastructure and equipment using the very latest technology.
  • Personal, specialised and friendly service.
  • Support and monitoring throughout all processes.
  • Experience in various areas of technology and complete professionalism in our technical approaches.
  • Monitoring and brokering international commercial relations with manufacturers in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.
  • We are technically-oriented and support our customers.
  • Efficient supplier selection and management. We see our suppliers as a critical part of our value chain.

Projects performed

01trafico TRAFFIC SENSOR Industry: Infrastructure / Traffic Traffic flow monitoring equipment with high processing capacity and internet-based monitoring
02piscinas COMPLETE MONITORING OF SWIMMING POOLS Industry: Water High-performance equipment to monitor swimming pool water quality. Full connectivity of the equipment through the cloud with all of the functionality of the most advanced devices.
03balneario FLOTATION SPA Industry: Water High-tech equipment designed for complete control of floatation tanks.
04electrolisis ELECTROLYSIS SYSTEM Industry: Water Salt water chlorination equipment for swimming pools with extra functions.
05consumo ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION MANAGER Industry: Energy Efficiency Device for remote analysis and management of electricity consumption in homes, industry and shops. Electrical footprint used to classify connected devices.
06contador BROADBAND SMART METER Industry: Energy An officially-approved electricity meter that transfers broadband data through the electricity grid.
07alimentario FOOD INDUSTRY DEVICE Industry: Food Electronic control of commercial juicers and vending machines.
08plagas PEST CONTROL Industry: Agriculture An autonomous device for early detection of pests.